New Fairy
Innovation, Ethics and Montessori Inspiration for a Child-Friendly world.

New Fairy srl is a female company, born in Brianza in 2018 on the initiative of a mother, Ada Civitani, with training as a pedagogist and a long experience in Development Cooperation in various countries around the world.

About us

It is no coincidence that since its origins the company has characterized itself as a company with a high social and cultural impact, oriented towards:
  •  raising the quality of life in families, through the diffusion of innovative products and services inspired by Montessori;
  • the promotion of human and environmental health, through the adoption of production regulations that respect the environment and People;
  • to the creation of regular and decent female work, in the textile and commercial sectors, with a view to rediscovering and relaunching the Made in Italy textile tradition.


We believe in a family-friendly world with children, in which parents and children have more quality time to spend together, in the respect for each other and for Nature.


Bringing harmony into families thanks to products and innovative services inspired by Montessori, designed and manufactured to simplify management of life at home, reducing stress, freeing up time and offering children and parents daily opportunities to grow together, from early childhood throughout life.

Our goal: #happyfamilies!


In New Fairy social responsibility is an integral part of corporate life. In our work, all the people and entities involved in the value chain play an essential role: those who develop the products, those who supply the raw materials to make them, those who package them, those who communicate them, those who sell them and those who buy them.

We can say we are satisfied if, and only if, in addition to having achieved the production and commercial objectives, through our work we have:

improved the quality of life of our customers, respected nature, created decent work where none existed, contributed to the success of our business partners and supported a path of change where it was useful or necessary.

What makes our products unique?

How New Fairy was born

New Fairy was born from a love story: that of a mother for her little girls.

Discover the story from the words of the founding mother!


The New Fairy production unit is based in Seveso (MB) in via Zeuner, 5, in the historic spaces of the former Schwarzembach weaving mill.

The structure houses a textile laboratory with 2 permanent seamstresses + collaborations/internships and a digital communication laboratory, where a sustainable work model is experimented, based on the participation and enhancement of people in business development.

The administrative headquarters of the company is located in Cesano Maderno (MB) where it shares offices with Mark-Up Consulting, a strategic partner for the planning and management control of Corporate Finance

The company owns two registered trademarks:

New Fairy corporate concept and line of products for early childhood;

Zip&Dream: the first line of Montessori Inspired bedding.

Storia, tradizione e innovazione

The New Fairy laboratory is a bridge between the memory of the ancient weaving mill and the future of Made in Italy quality textiles.

Discover the history of this magical place!

B2B (Business to Business)

Discover our retailers in Italy​

Third parties workings​
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