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Every day many new people discover that Zip&Dream and other Montessori-inspired products can help keep the house tidy and build happy families day after day!

If you haven’t already done so, register with this form on to get discounts and advantages thanks to a simple CODE/COUPON associated with your personal account.

By sharing this code with your friends and acquaintances, you will allow them to purchase with a 5% discount valid on the entire catalogue! Not only; every time someone buys with your Coupon, you will receive a credit equal to 5% of the amount of their order!

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How does it work?

A simple and transparent procedure!

When you decide to use your credit, just contact us via email or whatsapp to request:

It’s an easy way to save money (or even to earn, to the extent of your commitment), help other people do the same and participate in the dissemination of Zip&Dream, offering friends and acquaintances one more opportunity to get closer to the Montessori philosophy, have happier families and tidy homes with less effort!

Are you a blogger/influencer, do you deal with network marketing or do you manage an ecommerce, and are you interested in promoting our products on your website or on your social channels?

Contact us to receive information about the affiliate program!

Are you a social network expert or do you deal with network marketing and are you interested in promoting our products through your social channels?

In your personal account you will also find a Referral URL which you can use to direct your contacts and followers to the site, obtaining the same benefits as the coupon.

Finally, if you manage a blog or a website, you can register your domain on and access the most professional tools to share pages and products directly on your site, obtaining the same advantages for you and your users!

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Ada di Zipandream

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