Good rest, Perfect Beds... 5 Seconds, with Zip&Dream Family!

On this page you will find a guide to choose the perfect Zip&Dream Family for your home: from the choice of fabrics, to the sizes, to the colours.

Before starting, focus on your needs in order to choose the most suitable Zip&Dream Family: small details can sometimes make the difference.

What it is, what it includes and how much it costs

A Zip&Dream Family set includes the equivalent of:

  • bottom sheet,
  • duvet cover,
  • pillowcase (1 pillowcase in single bed sets, 2 in double bed sets. Basically, these are standard pillowcases measuring 50×80 cm: if you want the 40×60 size, just specify it in the order notes)
  • practical multipurpose bag, in Pure Natural Cotton, where you can store your Zip&Dream or other accessories.

Zip&Dream Family is a new Bed System with zippers, which combines the comfort and safety of traditional sheets with the practicality of a sleeping bag. Designed with children and parents in mind, it helps children sleep better and therefore parents get more rest, also saving time and effort to make the beds every morning.

The prices of Zip&Dream Family change according to the material chosen and the size.


How to choose the fabric

The Zip&Dream Family is always non-iron!

Remember that the inside of our sets is always 100% Pure Cotton, to guarantee the health of the skin. The exterior, on the other hand, can change according to your needs, here are the available fabrics:

Coton and Loneta




Stain resistant

If maximum practicality is your priority, we suggest the models with Pure Cotton interior and Loneta exterior. La Loneta is an innovative furnishing fabric (70% Cotton, 30% Polyester, wrinkle-resistant) to give the bed a tidier look and protect the sheets: particularly suitable for those who use the bed as a living space even during the day . Compared to pure cotton, it has a thicker consistency, like a light bedspread: it gives the bed a more compact look and better protects the inside of the bed from the little accidents of everyday life. It is also anti-wrinkle, therefore “no iron“: it can be abused at will while always remaining perfect. On the other hand, for those who are used to sleeping covered by a sheet in the summer, the Loneta may be a bit heavy: in this case, the cover in the “summer” version can be added as an optional (a single-layer sheet in Pure Cotton which can replace the 4-season cover only in the hottest moments of the year).

Natural Cotton





If, on the other hand, your priority is a 100% natural and highly breathable set, to sleep covered without problems even in summer when it’s very hot, then your choice can fall on the 100% Pure Cotton models: a natural, breathable and hygroscopic choice, suitable for use at any time of the year, at any temperature. The fabric is soft and smooth to the touch, the colors bright. Even the Pure Cotton models, such as those in Cotton and Loneta, go easily in the washing machine up to 40° and in the dryer with a delicate cycle and do not iron.

Stone Washed







Finally, if you are very demanding both from a functional and aesthetic point of view, you are looking for 100% natural but you do not like to see the typical folds of  Pure Cotton when it is not ironed, your choice can fall on the Top of the range, i.e. on the Pure Cotton models. Stone washed cotton. The material is in fact the same pure natural cotton, to which a treatment is applied which makes it particularly soft and resistant to the “mistreatment” of daily use. The colors are less vibrant than those of Natural Cotton (effect of washing with stones), while the anti-wrinkle property makes this fabric always perfect, to the touch and to the eye.

How to choose the right size

Based on the size and shape of your mattress, you can choose the solution that best suits your needs.


If your mattresses are close to the Standard sizes for Single Bed (80×200), Dinette (120×200) or Double Bed (140×200), with a tolerance of up to 5cm in width and up to 10 in length, you’re in luck: the standard sizes will be perfect and just choose the color and pattern that you like best.

Custom Measures

If the dimensions are different, we advise you to select the closest size in the Personalized version: with a small surcharge (which will cover the adjustment work by our seamstresses) you can request a made-to-measure Zip&Dream, entering the details (Length ( A) and Width(B)) in the appropriate box.

How to customize the measures of your Zip&Dream Family


Choose the size that comes closest to the size of your bed.


Choose the color


Choose the type of customization you would like, in this case Personalizzazione misure a box will appear where you can enter the measurements of your mattress (Length and Width)

How to choose blankets and duvets.

Blanket or duvet, are purchased separately for 3 reasons:

  • to allow those who wish to purchase more spare sets without having to buy a duvet/blanket again.
  • to be able to choose the material and the weight of the Blanket or duvet.
  • to allow those who wish to use a blanket or duvet that you already have at home, reducing waste and saving money

All duvets and blankets have drawstrings that allow you to secure them inside the bag, to prevent them from shifting while you sleep.

Comfort and the right temperature for you, in every season!​

Depending on your personal predisposition to heat or cold, your favorite travel destinations and the seasons in which you travel, everyone can choose the thermal insert (duvet or blanket) that best suits their needs from the available options.

The duvet is in hypoallergenic, anti-mite, fireproof wadding, certified and made in Val Seriana. A duvet with excellent thermal performance and excellent resistance to frequent washing in the washing machine and dryer.

Available in winter version (300g/m, suitable for those who sleep in rooms up to 20°C) or mid-season (100g/m, suitable in spring-autumn or in winter for those who sleep in rooms above 21°C).

The Blanket-Topper in Pure Virgin Merino Wool: a valuable product, with excellent performance in terms of thermoregulation (it keeps the body at the ideal temperature of 37°C regardless of the outside temperature) and hygroscopic (it excellently absorbs humidity, favoring muscle relaxation and helping to relieve/prevent rheumatic discomfort). To optimize its extraordinary properties, the Pure Virgin Merino Wool insert is also recommended as a mattress topper.

As a valuable material, it needs attention for washing and maintenance.

If you have an old quilt or duvet at home, made of good material, that you no longer use, don’t throw it away: re-use it!

By purchasing the product “Piumino Vecchio, Vita Nuova!” at a low cost (variable between 15 and 25 €, depending on the material) you can send your duvet or blanket to our laboratory in Seveso (MB), you can give it a new life, making it become the thermal insert for your Zip&Dream. You will save money and the environment will thank you for it!

This service is offered with a view to combating waste: a gesture of responsibility towards the environment and towards society.

You will find the thermal inserts among the related products, or in the appropriate menu item in the Shop. Naturally their size must correspond to that of the Zip&Dream in which they will be inserted: therefore pay attention to correctly select the size.

Choose the Color or the Pattern​

Discover our collections below, for each of them you will see the material of the internal part and that of the external part as well as a brief description and the available colours/patterns.

Do you have any doubts about the characteristics of the materials?
Go back to the section dedicated to our Fabrics ↑

Easy Collection

Inside 100% Pure Cotton, outside Loneta

The interior, i.e. the part in contact with the skin, is rigorously made in Made in Italy Pure Cotton to ensure perspiration and sweat absorption, while the exterior is in Loneta fabric.

Natural Collection

Inside 100% Pure Cotton, outside 100% Pure Cotton.

Pure Cotton inside and out for perfect breathability and maximum comfort in every season, thanks to a fine and 100% natural fabric. The lightness and hygroscopicity of the fabric ensure perfect usability even in the summer, for those who are used to sleeping under the sheets even in the heat.

Soft Collection

Interno 100% Puro Cotone, esterno 100% Percalle di Puro Cotone.

This collection is also made in pure cotton inside and out for perfect breathability and maximum comfort in every season, even the hottest ones, thanks to a fine fabric, 100% natural cotton percale.

Luxury Collection

Inside 100% Pure Cotton, outside 100% Pure Cotton.

Top performance both from a functional and aesthetic point of view: inside and outside in Pure Cotton made ultra-soft and resistant to wrinkles thanks to the 100% natural Stone Washing treatment. Ideal for those who aspire to maximum comfort in every season and always impeccable aesthetics.

Now You are ready: go to the Shop and choose the Zip&Dream Family!

If you still need help, contact us!

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