Montessori: beyond the “Method”, a way of Being.​

Those who daily deal with Montessori Education know it well:
more than a set of rules, Montessori is a philosophy of life, which deeply orients
our daily choices and the quality of our relationships.

Choosing Montessori today is a revolutionary act: it means
putting exactly in the middle of the attention what in our society is neglected:
children, with their needs, their potential and their point of view on the
world , from which adults have so much to learn.

Our products are founded in Montessori educational pathways
developed in family daily life; children and parents are actively involved from
needs and oppportunities assessment, until product design.

Consistently with the principles that inspire Montessori philosophy,
each product is made with attention to the sustainability of the production
methods, both at an environmental and at a social level.

metodo montessori bambino

Montessori: between Freedom Education and product Design

Much more than a set of rules, the Montessori Method is a lifestyle and a precise educational philosophy. What does “Montessori inspiration” mean to us?

Ada di Zipandream

Ada di Zipandream

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