Topponcino Montessori:
Protection, Comfort and Freedom for your Baby

Designed by Maria Montessori in the early 1900s, it is still used all around the world as a “safety cushion for the newborn“, as it provides comfort, support and consistency throughout the first few delicate months of a baby’s life.

The Topponcino is a soft, mat-like baby support pillow, slightly larger than those of a newborn.

The first Montessori accessory:
the most recommended by experts, the most loved by parents!

It is apparently a simple object, but extraordinarily useful and effective in taking care of your child.

The Topponcino welcomes the newborn gently, it recreates around him an atmosphere close to the one he experienced in the mother’s womb and it facilitates the adaptation to the new world, while fosterning sensory exploration.

It is the first envoronment tailored for your child and the most precious ally in parenting.

What makes Topponcino so special?

Topponcino's Features

The New Fairy Topponcino was designed scrupulously following the dictates of Maria Montessori in the early 1900s and was made in several versions, to meet the most diverse needs of today’s families.

The Pillowcase

The pillowcase is always in Oeko-Tex Pure Cotton: 100% natural, breathable and naturally hypoallergenic, respectful of the most delicate skins and compatible with frequent washing for accurate daily hygiene.

It is available in many colors and patterns, also coordinated with Zip&Dream for prams and baby cots!

The Padding

The padding is available in 3 versions, Polyester Wadding, Pure Cotton wadding, Pure Virgin Wool, different in terms of material composition, so that to adapt to the most varied needs and usage preferences.

Discover the properties of each material and choose the one that best suits your child!

Polyester Wadding

Hypoallergenic and Anti-mites, lined in Sanitized polyester (a treatment reducing the microbial load that remains on the Topponcino in contact with surfaces). Ideal for those who have special hygiene needs, as it’s suitable for easy and frequent washing in the washing machine.

Pure Cotton wadding

naturally hypoallergenic, highly breathable and respectful of babies’ delicate skin. An excellent synthesis between natural materials and easy maintenance, in view of a perfect daily hygiene.

Pure Virgin Wool

a precious and 100% natural material, highly hygroscopic, capable of absorbing humidity and maintaining the body temperature at the ideal temperature of 37°. It helps to release muscle tension by developing a beneficial calming power that helps a peaceful rest for the baby.

Type of mat

Polyester Wadding

Pure Cotton wadding

Pure Virgin Wool
Polyester wadding 200G/M
Cotton wadding 200G/M
Pure Merino Lambwool
Polyester Sanitized
Pure cotton
Pure cotton
2 cm
2 cm
2 cm
Very High
Very high
Washing Frequency
As Needed
The least possible
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