Good sleeping is important, everywhere, at all ages!

Evidences are there that the importance of good rest, for both children and adults, is a key factor for a healthy and balanced life.

But…how many parents can sleep a whole night long, since they become parents until the children are 6-7 years old?

While sleeping children often get off covers and wake up, so affecting the quality of their sleep and also putting a strain on mums and dads, forced to get up all the time to cover their children: so they are more tired during the day and less patient with the children.

All under the sheets, each in his own bed!

Many new parents try to solve the problem with traditional Sleeping Bags. This is a practical solution, which however only postpones the problem. Sooner or later children need to learn to sleep under the sheets

In fact, after the age of 3, when the sleeping bag can no longer be a solution the question comes up again… and in the meanswhile, the family life became more demanding.

Zip&Dream was created to help children sleep well in their cot, also allowing parents to rest better, so as to be more relaxted and patient with their children during the day. …But that is not all!

At home but also on holiday!

family holiday in a camper, caravan or boat is full of splendid emotions and moments of supreme well-being, but physically it is not always easyMaking the beds on recreational vehicles is something that can definitely spoil the holiday of dreams. Shaped berths wedged between the various rooms, beds in the overcabdrop-down beds, beds in the dinette to be assembled in the evening and disassembled in the morning, with a small space for moving and big effort to tidy up.

With Zip&Dream, artfully tailpored for any size and shape of mattress, both the nightmare of making beds and the inconvenience of sleeping bags will be just a bad memory!

Discover Zip&Dream and start resting better!

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